Day 2: Toronto to Oshawa

Where did you start the ride today?

In Toronto.  

What happened at the start of the day?

I was on TV! It was fun because I got to ride around the road while I was getting filmed.  

Did you meet anyone new today?

Yes, but I forget his name... oh Chris! 

(Chris is from Whitby and does a ride with his son every year - 'Ride James Ride - Adventures in Autism'.  He kindly met up with Andrew and Max to ride them into Oshawa). 


What was the most interesting thing you saw today?

We saw two deer on the track, as well as two trains. And of course an ice cream shop! 


What do you like to eat and drink on the bike? 

I like to eat energy bars, and I like to drink sports drinks. I need them because I get tired. 


And some questions from Max's class: 

How many kms did you ride today? 

26 km.

(It was actually about 70 km).


What did you see in Oshawa? 

We saw an old spy school from WW2 and finished the day at a park.


What kind of ice cream do you like to eat?


(Although today he had an ice cream sandwich and loved it).


How do you get lunch?

Today we got it from Mum but sometimes we also get it from Grandma + Grandpa or a shop.