Day 1: Hamilton to Toronto

Where did you start the ride today?

Hamilton City Hall, in front of the big Hamilton thing to play on. 

Who was there with you at the start of the day?

Sammy, my friend, and my dad, my mum, Isla, Sammy's mum, and of course the Hamilton City Counsellor who got a picture with me. 

(Also present were Max's grandparents, and Paul - a cycling enthusiast from Cobourg who is joining us for the first three days of the ride this year). 

Where was your first stop?

The first stop was to get some pictures taken with the photographer from the newspaper. It was a woman and to get me to smile for the photos dad had to get me some Oreos. I was feeling a bit grumpy, but I was probably just hungry. 

Did you meet anyone new today?

Yes! The Mayor of Burlington, Rick Goldring! He was really nice - he asked me questions about Max's Big Ride. 


What was the most interesting thing you saw today?

Ummmmmmm I don't know, I saw lots of cool stuff, like there was some birds circling on the air. 


And some questions from Max's classmates: 

How long will it take to drive home from Ottawa once you get there? 

Max: I don't know.

(If traffic is good, it will only take about 5-6 hours.)


How do you get the bike back if you take a car home? 

In the van.

(We rent a big van each year to take on the ride. It has to be long enough to hold our bike - which is pretty big.)


How does Max's dad catch his breathe on that long journey?

Max:  I don't know.

(He trained in the gym to get ready for the ride but the hills are still very hard!)


Where does Max and his family sleep at night? 

Max:  At hotels. My favourite hotels are the ones with pools.