Tomorrow is the big day

After months of planning and hard work, tomorrow is the day we finally depart on Max's Big Ride - our 600km journey from Ottawa to Hamilton on a cargo bike to raise money for research into DMD. I asked Andrew yesterday if he felt ready. His response, 'not really'. And I'm not surprised. In the lead up to the big day he's had a cold, followed by the flu, and then an emergency wisdom tooth extraction the night before we left for Ottawa, none of which he has fully recovered from. But he added, 'Will I finish? Yes.' And he will. I'm yet to meet a man more determined than Andrew when it comes to just about anything, and when it comes to the most important thing in both of our lives -- Max, and an opportunity to make a difference to the quality of his life -- his determination alone will see him complete the trek. 

That's not to say that we haven't put in a lot of preparation. Despite all of these relatively minor obstacles, we're all extremely eager to hit the road tomorrow and get this epic journey underway. Wish us luck!