Day 6: Napanee to Seeleys Bay

No 4 am wake up call this morning. Today our little princess thought that 3.30 am seemed like a nicer time to rise and shine. Thankfully she also decided that daddy's chest was a nice place to get some rest, so after a bit of fussing she settled into a deep sleep next to Andrew until after 8 am. Luxurious! 

Max is a live wire during the day, but when he sleeps, he SLEEPS! This is a wonderful thing when there's a screaming lunatic raising hell in the early hours in close proximity to his head. If he does wake, it's briefly, and it's to suggest that maybe his sister needs to be closer to him so that he can pat her head, or something equally as sweet. People ask me all the time if they get along, and they really do. Max is often a lifesaver when I need help with Isla. She adores him and finds his hijinks hilarious (even when the rest of us could do with some peace and quiet). 

After a sleep in and some breakfast, Andrew and the kids set off for Kingston where we were to meet for lunch. Both kids have absolutely loved their time in the bike this year. Last year was so hot that we couldn't safely put Max out there for very long, but this year has been much better and both Max and Isla have joined him for long periods every day. We have a sun shade and a rain cover, so as long as we slather them in sunscreen, they're good to go. Aside from Max's DMD which does hold him back, he's an extremely resilient little guy with energy to burn. 

After lunch, Andrew planned to push on alone to the final destination for the day, Brewers Mills, but it was a warm and windless day - perfect conditions to get some extra kilometers out of the way. He ended up riding to Seeleys Bay making his ride for the day a total of 96 kms. He would have been happier to have reached the century, but Grandpa caught up with him before he could reach this milestone. 

Back in the hotel, we all had dinner together before hitting the hay. Organizing food is a never-ending job on this trip, and Grandpa and Grandma are absolute champions at keeping us fed and supplied with cold drinks. They have it down to a fine art and there is always something at hand to satisfy everyone. Tonight however was dinner at Harveys, and I can report that Isla had her first junior burger with tomato and ketchup. Proud parenting moment...or not!