The Ice Cream Ride + Day 1

Hamilton to Toronto

Over 100 riders gathered to join us on the first ever Ice Cream Ride - and it was amazing! The forecast promised a 90% chance of rain and thunderstorms, so I guess we got exceptionally lucky and squeaked into the 10% window of brilliant sunshine and blue skies. Relief! The riders, who ranged in age bracket from kindergartner to grandparent, took off from Hamilton and arrived in Burlington to a bright red umbrella, grinning volunteers, and coolers chock-full of delicious Rudy's paletas (or popsicles or icy poles or ice lollies or ice blocks, depending on where you live). I treated myself to a pink lemonade and I am still thinking about the intense lemony deliciousness of it... but I digress! After some flavour-packed refreshments, everybody made their way back to Hamilton where some freshly made lunches from Cake + Loaf (Hamilton's best bakery without a doubt) were waiting, along with more Rudy's ice-cream to finish off. The Ice Cream Ride raised almost $7,000 for Duchenne research and based on that alone I think I can call it a resounding success, but even better than that, I'm  pretty sure that everybody involved had a great day.  

We had too at that point, however our day was only half over. Andrew and Max, along with Ryan, Emily, William and Cameron who were riding in their cargo bike for their son William who also has Duchenne, were pushing onto Toronto where they finished up to a waiting television crew from City TV. After an interview, everybody said their goodbyes and it was back to the hotel for a late dinner and an early night. Tomorrow was going to be our live television debut and we needed our beauty sleep!