Day 4: Cobourg to Trenton

There was another reason to pull the highlighter out today... we had a police escort out of town! Andrew, Max and Isla, along with a couple of lovely, local riders who were joining them for the first part of the day were at the head of the convoy, followed by the cop car, followed by me, followed by the van with Grandma and Grandpa at the helm, followed by about 25 cars who were forced to drive at about 15km/hr until the police car turned off. Sorry people! I had the music blaring, my flashers on, and not a care in the world as we departed Cobourg in the bright sunshine, for the small town of Trenton which was about 60km down the road. 

The media coverage we are getting on MBR #3 is great. Andrew had done a radio interview that morning before we left, we were on the front page of the Northumberland Today newspaper, we'd had donations along the roadside from people who had seen our appearance on Breakfast Television, and our story was the headline item on the local news as I drove out of town that day. All still very much a thrill, even after three years of TV, newspaper and radio coverage (not to mention the billboards!). 

The day ended peacefully in Trenton, and we headed back to our hotel in Belleville for dinner and yet another early night. With 4am starts (thanks to Isla) and busy busy days, there wasn't much left in the tank come 9.30 at night. Zzzzz.