Day 8: Smiths Falls to the University of Ottawa

Our day was kicked off with yet another hotel breakfast. We're absolutely grateful for them, but after a week on the road we're wise to the fact that someone out there is making a fortune supplying regional Ontario with the the provisions for millions of continental breakfasts.

We unpacked the bike for the second last time, and Andrew and the kids took off for the 55 km ride to our lunch spot in Stittsville. It was a hot day today, so we lingered in our hotel car park applying sunscreen and making sure everyone had lots of water. We had been chatting to a family there who gave us a generous donation before we left - something which gives us a huge boost every time it happens. So if you're reading this, thank you to the proprietor of 'Bin There Dump That'. You have a great business name and a great big heart! 

Both previous rides had passed through the little town of Stittsville, so the park where we had lunch was very familiar, as was the journalist who met us there for an interview and a photo. When we get here we know that Ottawa isn't too far away, so the excitement for our little crew was definitely building. Andrew continued on by himself after lunch, while the rest of us hit up a nearby splashpad for some relief from the heat. Max is a total water baby, so he charged in without hesitation, but sadly our red-cheeked toddler wasn't so keen, so she sat hot and bothered in the shade, missing out on the cool relief of the water. We have some work to do with her before summer really hits. 

When the heat became too much, we headed to our hotel for the night - the Holiday Inn in Kanata who had really embraced the role of MBR sponsor. They gave us two gorgeous suites for the night, and presented us with gift baskets to enjoy in our rooms as well as a letter for Max which acknowledged his bravery for embarking on such a huge trip. Just wonderful. Andrew had ridden all the way to the University of Ottawa - a total of 95 kms - no easy feat in 30+ degree weather. Our dinner and cold beer (and cider for Grandma) tasted especially good tonight. The ride was basically complete, and all that was left was our arrival in Ottawa. Here's hoping for a good day!