Day 4: Belleville to Cobourg

86 kms

Team MBR 2016. Photo by Cathy Koop.

Team MBR 2016. Photo by Cathy Koop.

Team MBR hit our stride today. We perfected the routine of Andrew hitting the road early sans Max, and then meeting for lunch and the transfer of our boy at the half way point. The weather had cooled down, the wind had dropped (a bit), and things were generally where they were supposed to be, when they were supposed to be. Go team! 

Along for the ride today was Max's Big Ride supporter and Tweed resident (a winning combination in our eyes) Will Austin. It was awesome to see him again, and to learn that he'd be joining the ride all the way to Cobourg - the whole 86 kms! He rode Max's Big Ride out of town last year, and since then had increased his training on the bike - even taking part in the Ride to Conquer Cancer - so he was as fit as a fiddle and ready to last the entire distance. 

Also, just as he'd predicted, Andrew had 'ridden himself into form' (just like the Tour de France riders he tells me) and was feeling great. Personally, I'm pretty sure it was the cooler forecast which was making him feel so good, but either way, things were looking up as they hit the road. 

We caught up with the riders for lunch in Brighton, and once again we found a picturesque park to enjoy a picnic. Will and I took turns reading Max his new Batman book while everybody fuelled up ready for the afternoon shift. 

It was a beautiful ride from Brighton into Cobourg - apple orchards and strawberry fields, pastures of yellow stuff (not sure what it was), shady trees and direct views of the waterfront. Storm clouds loomed - and even rained upon the riders - but they considered it a welcome gift as it cooled them off as they approached town. Even Max didn't complain about getting wet, but Grandma and Grandpa still doubled back to deliver his cover. He can never say that he's not given first class treatment by the support crew.

Waiting at the hotel for the bikes to ride in were two media teams - Northumberland News and Northumberland Today. Andrew did some interviews, we coaxed Max into having his photo taken, and said our goodbyes to Will just as the skies opened up once again. We had our usual picnic for dinner in our room (still enjoying some of the delicious treats delivered by the Lindsays) and got the kids bathed and into bed at a reasonable time. I told you we were hitting our stride! 

Thankfully we're lucky enough to have two pretty chilled out kids along for this adventure. Max is five, so he's definitely challenging at times and he does try to assert himself at some inopportune moments, but he's a sweet, funny and affectionate boy who is great fun to be with for the most part. Isla is also proving to be a winner. This trip is trying for the adults, let alone a 3-month old who has no idea what's going on, but she's hanging in there, sleeping well, and doling out the gummy smiles much more than she is crying. I'm pretty sure I won't be returning either of them any time soon.